Careers in CDI

Working with CDI, you will have the opportunity to experience variety in clinical work across the NHS and independent sectors.

Diversity of clinical work

We establish unique and collaborative partnership arrangements with providers and you can play a key part in the successful delivery of these services. We value highly the experience and professionalism of all members of our team. We are always keen to listen to views and consult on the ways in which we provide services. In addition to clinical placements, we provide opportunities in management and consultancy services.

Flexibility in working patterns

We will work with you to develop a clinical and consultancy schedule to meet your personal needs. This includes the type, timing and location of work. We provide services countrywide both in and out of traditional working hours – providing you with an extensive range of options.

Short or long term working arrangements

We understand that healthcare careers are increasingly multi-faceted, where the individual takes greater control over their working life. It is now more customary not to have just a single employer and careers can be significantly enhanced through greater diversity and flexibility. We offer both short and long term opportunities to form part of your career strategy and fulfil your personal lifestyle needs.

Clinical development

Ultrasound is an ever-changing world and sub-specialisation is increasing throughout the workforce. We know that with the pressures of clinical services, it is often difficult for sonographers to gain training and experience in areas such as vascular and musculo-skeletal ultrasound. We recognise the importance of developing these skills so that sonographers continue to develop clinically, technically and professionally, in order to further their career. We aim to provide this training and development – increasing the capability and profile of the sonography profession.

Attractive Financial Rewards

We believe that our team should be appropriately rewarded for the experience and skills they provide. Whilst we offer cost effective solutions to the NHS and independent sector, we ensure that all parties, including our team members, benefit.

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