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Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers which are created on your computer when you first visit a website. They are then sent to the website server along with each subsequent action your computer makes.


Since 2003, anyone using cookies has been required to provide clear information about them. In May 2011 the existing rules were amended. Under the revised regulations, the host site must not only provide clear information about their use of cookies but also obtain consent from users or subscribers to store a cookie on their device.

Our Website

To comply with the regulations, we display a clear notice to users explaining that cookies are being used. Clicking on the notice directs users to this page. In line with the updated guidance issued in May 2012, users give their consent to accept cookies by continued use of the website, or by closing the notice.

The types of cookie we use are outlined below.


Cookie Name(s)




Analytical cookies allow us to observe trends in how our website is used. This information is anonymised: we can’t tell who a specific visitor is by these cookies, but information is aggregated on their habits and technology, such as screen size or favourite pages.

This information helps us ensure that the website caters for its users’ needs. On this website we use Google Analytics.

More information about Google Analytics cookies is available here.



These cookies are created to allow a persistent state (e.g. when a user remains logged in, or when saving a preference such as text size) between page views.

More information on this use of cookies is available from Wikipedia.



CSRF cookies help us protect users against an online exploit called Cross Site Request Forgery. They help ensure our website is secure, and that users cannot inadvertently perform actions on our website from elsewhere on the internet.

These are set when a user visits a page containing a form.

More information about CSRF is available on Wikipedia.

Further Information

If you would like to learn more about cookies, including how to prevent them being created on your computer, we recommend you visit the About Cookies website,